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Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles

Gay Porn clips Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles.

Our butts serve a number of purposes, from sitting, standing, and walking to pooping and farting. The rectum and the anus contain a great deal of nerve endings, including ones that generate a pleasurable feeling when stimulated — think about that sensation of feeling full you get when you need to poop, and how good it feels when you take a big dump — making it part of an erogenous zone an area on the body it feels pleasurable to touch and stimulate.

Many people — those assigned male at birth, typically — also have a prostate gland, which is responsible for producing the white, milky fluid that we associate with semen and which serves as a suspension and protective fluid for sperm.

In other words, it helps get sperm out of the body from the testicles and, in procreative sex, into the uterus and fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg. The prostate is located approximately between the rectum and the bladder, and it can Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles quite pleasurable when stimulated by a finger, sex toy, penis, or anything else inserted into the rectum.

All of that is great! It takes all types Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles people to make butt-play and butt-sex fun. Rimming or tossing salad means licking, sucking, and lightly biting the asshole and the area around it.

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I was around 12 or 13 when I discovered the joy of sticking things up my rear end. I used to keep a stash of Hustler magazines hidden under the folded towels in the bathroom for Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles off every chance I got. Hustler was the only one I had access to that had pictures of hard cocks in it! In that same cabinet under the sink, there was always a jar of Vaseline and a toilet plunger. During one of my multiple-times-a-day jack-off sessions, I decided to rub some Vaseline on the handle of the plunger and stick it up my ass.

Just as with most sexual things, there is a great deal of stigma, shame, and guilt about engaging in ass play, mostly around being worried that people will think you are gay — who cares?! We will tackle that thoroughly in a future column, but if you want to experiment, here are a few simple pointers: Wash your ass, thoroughly, with soap and water. Use a lot of lube — the more, the better. Go to a sex-toy store and ask.

The staff will be delighted to help out a newbie! Maybe try being a top. Until then, go play with yourself, or help out a friend.

Bottoming can be back-breaking work, and topping is hard AF.

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Is it going to hurt? What if he poohs on my peen, or worse, what if I pooh on his peen? Are farts a turn-off? The first time you have a dick up your ass, it feels like you have a dick up your ass. But, with proper preparation, you can enjoy every satisfying second from the moment of penetration to the flash of a climactic finish.

Here are seven tips for butt-play beginners. Ok, everyone has an opinion about cleaning out.

Some guys are all for it while others believe the process is bad for your bowels. What if your man wants to finger your ass while you pound his purple starfish? Start with something smaller than a cock, like the tip of your index finger or pocket bullet. By massaging the anus, you can loosen up the sphincter muscle and introduce the notion of penetration. So, or the sake of the hole, slow your roll.

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As you work his hole with your fingers, reach around and tease his shaft, balls and taint with your other hand. This one is self-explanatory.

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Even if the bottom is ready to be penetrated, a forceful entry can make taking it too painful. So, regardless of your weapon of choice, rim the edge and carefully insert whatever your welding into the hole. Also, before you start poking around back there, lube up.

Lube is your best friend. Communication is key to just about everything.

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The easiest way to increase your fiber intake is to add a supplement like Pure for Men to your regime. The ingredients in Pure for Men act like a broom and sweep out your insides.

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A clean butt breeds confidence, which makes it a lot easier to let someone put their finger up your ass. The most important thing to know about butt play is that relaxing is fundamental. You have to relax.

By massaging the anus, you...

So, unwind, grab some lube and explore your backdoor. Purchase your tickets HERE! Learn the ins and outs of anal pleasure in this tutorial primarily directed toward the bottom. This class will address those issues and put them to rest.

There will be lots of adult product to giveaway too. I want to welcome you to the Wonderful World of Butt Plugs! Not sure what a butt plug is or why you would want one?

A butt plug is an anal stimulation device that allows you to enjoy sustained anal pleasure and prostate stimulation for the men folk without the worry of having your toy fall out, or worse, disappear up you hole. Unlike most dildos and other anal toys, a butt plug is shorter and has a unique shape. The plug tapers more dramatically near the base into Masseur uses a toy to relax anal muscles notch.

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