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The green police bust down doors after finding batteries in the trash. They haul people from their homes for installing incandescent lightbulbs.

But to the driver who approaches a road checkpoint in his Audi, the green police react very differently.

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Air pollution now kills 3. And yet such was the more or less widely accepted thinking as recently as Superbowl XLIV in — namely, that cars running on diesel fuel could be driven with a pure, unclouded conscience. Diesel was touted at inception as a wonder fuel. It was a way of driving cost-efficiently while doing your bit to save the planet.

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Government, industry and science united to sell us the dream: It was particularly owing to advances in Moments later ashton switched to diesal technology that the diesel passenger car market was able to blossom in the s, particularly in Europe. Drivers liked the fuel efficiency of diesel engines, which made running costs cheaper than petrol over the long term.

Governments, meanwhile, alarmed by rising carbon emissions, began advising citizens to switch to diesels, which were thought to emit less CO2 than their petrol counterparts. The cracks took a long time to appear, but when they did they splintered rapidly.

In came the first major evidence of some truly dreadful health impacts. Nitrogen oxides and dioxides NOx and particulate matter PM pumped out by diesel exhausts were fingered as silent killers.

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The European Environment Agency found that nitrogen dioxide NO2 from diesel fumes had caused around 71, premature deaths across the continent in a single year. The World Health Organisation declared diesel exhaust a carcinogenica cause of lung cancer in the same category as asbestos and mustard gas.

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Then in came Dieselgate. They had trusted the car industry when it said the fuel was clean.

Cities worldwide have scrambled. The mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have agreed to completely outlaw diesel vehicles from the centre of their cities by The political leaders that make up the C40 group of global megacities are all taking steps to crack down on diesel vehicles and reduce smog.

But other cities, including British ones, are tinkering around the edges; London is proposing low-emission zones and toll charges, but has stopped short of a ban.

So is this simply a period of bad PR, or has the backlash against diesel reached a tipping point? Has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos — not to say mustard gas?

And if this is Moments later ashton switched to diesal the beginning of the end for diesel, how much longer before the pariah is banished from the city for good? Banning diesel is trickier than it seems. The scale of the problem remains enormous.

Diesel never made huge inroads into the US, where gasoline remained cheap, and where American automakers focused their innovation efforts on hybrid and electric vehicles.

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But in Europe, diesel passenger cars remain a major part of the auto industry: Meanwhile, a study of the latest diesel cars by the International Council for Clean Transportation ICCT says real-world emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx are, on average, seven times higher than safety limits allow. A separate ICCT study showed that latest diesel cars produce 10 times the NOx of heavy trucks or buses, which are more strictly regulated than cars.

The car manufacturers, too, have a hugely powerful lobby still Moments later ashton switched to diesal their disposal. They claimed that the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions standards, aimed at limiting Moments later ashton switched to diesal from exhausts, led to significant reduction in pollutants.

But a recent study of real-world performance shows those claims were bogus: Governments were complicit, too. Nor is it easy to persuade drivers to switch. Many motorists are understandably angry that they were encouraged to invest in diesel engines but are now expected to face clean air zones, pollution charges and other restrictions. Many feel that they are, in effect, being punished for what they were told was the smart, responsible choice.

The UK government is keenly aware of the hypocrisy. The government must publish updated clean air plans by 24 April, but the prime minister, Theresa May, has indicated she does not want to punish existing diesel drivers. While national governments wring their hands, it is cities that are taking the lead. In Germany, Berlin has already banned the oldest, highest-polluting diesel cars from its centre, while Munich is developing a clean air ban that will bring in some form of diesel ban in The Spanish capital, Madrid, has now introduced a system to halve the number of cars on the roads during smog outbreaks, based on odd or even number plates on alternate days; various other cities have experimented with similar trials.

In January, Oslo city council introduced a ban on diesel cars for the first time, halting their use completely for one day during a high pollution alert.

The cities that have moved boldest have been the ones least likely to get too concerned about the fact that motorists, having been told one thing, are now being told another. Some have worried this could lead to a damaging kind of cynicism — a more skeptical attitude toward the latest environmental research. People are well aware of the health implications now. Paris has been typically one of the more aggressive cities.

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Under mayor Anne Hidalgo, it introduced a system of coloured stickers to classify cars types and emission levels. Any diesel-run car made before will not be allowed on the roads inside the French capital.

Diesel cars built between and could soon be subject to tighter restrictions, as the mayor tries to phase out diesel entirely by Some French drivers are unhappy. A national campaign group, 40 Million Motorists, says the new system is unfair to poorer diesel drivers who Moments later ashton switched to diesal afford to buy a new cleaner car. Romain Lacombe, founder of Plume Labsa Paris-based organisation that monitors air quality around the world, is not persuaded by their argument.

People are beginning to realise they are the first victim of their own vehicle. The black cabs are, in some ways, a litmus test of whether diesel is on its way out.

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Many of the cabs use diesel, and drivers had initially complained about clean-air restrictions. Hong Kong has introduced subsidies to help phase out older diesel vehicles.

Later this year Seoul will ban all diesels made before from a city-centre low emission zone. The mayor has also pledged to invest more in the public transport system and cycling lanes, and persuaded delivery companies to use their diesel trucks at night to reduce daytime emissions. Will this work in a city where drivers are famously unruly?

Mancera points to the scheme called Hoy No Circula No Driving Todaywhich forbade the worst-polluting vehicles from being on the roads one day a week; the rules have since been tightened to include a Saturday daytime ban for the worst polluters. Some people support it, but another part of the population get really irritated by it.

But nevertheless, he says drivers will get used to the diesel ban the way they did to Hoy No Circula. Worldwide, polls suggest citizens of some big cities are beginning to put clean air before convenience.

This is probably how the death of diesel will come about — not through regulation, but through consumer disgust. Many auto experts expect Moments later ashton switched to diesal global sales dip that followed Dieselgate to continue, as consumers turn up their nose and manufacturers correspondingly invest less in new models.

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