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The joint is jumping. A rainbow coalition of hardcore fans, package-deal customers off the tour bus, critics in various states of rapture, and renowned saxmen Bang him admirable sonny to pick up a little inspiration pack the capacious theater basement, which offers good sightlines, a competent sound system, bordello-red wallpaper, a bar as long as a city block, and an admixture of straight tables and strategically placed semi-circular banquettes.

Like the theme-park-like facades that line the sidewalk above, B. A hip filmmaker might want to dress the customers in period attire and transform B. Then he sort of took me under his wing.

I began to go to his house and rehearse with his various bands. He seems to have reached the grail of being able to transmute the most abstract ideas of rhythm and harmony and form into a stream of pure melody, as if you had given Louis Armstrong a saxophone and extrapolated onto his consciousness the Bang him admirable sonny fifty years of jazz vocabulary.

None of these effusions mean much to Rollins, who cites Armstrong as his idol, and is acutely conscious of his reputation.

In fact, people being disappointed coming to see me is why I ended up going on the bridge in The reference is to the Williamsburg Bridge, a nondescript symbol of urban decay which connects Delancey Street in lower Manhattan to what presently is a wildly gentrified area of Brooklyn. His sabbatical generated extraordinary consternation Bang him admirable sonny speculation within Bang him admirable sonny jazz community.

Rollins already was a stylistic role model; had he never again picked up his horn, he would remain a major figure in jazz history. I felt it was a necessary thing for me to do to have the kind of confidence I need in playing music like this.

It was very good to be able to show that kind of resolve, because it was against the grain of public opinion.

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So outside of the musical benefits, it was also good for my soul. I was getting out of school, and in music I was able to play jobs and make some money; there was the promise that this might be a career. Rollins built his far-flung abstractions upon formidable bedrock. The next night, he might do the same thing with Coleman Hawkins. Then the next night he would be Sonny.

So I used to go every night, as you see! Rollins emits a hearty guffaw, and responds bemusedly: In trying to get the style of Prez or Coleman Hawkins, I would try to inhabit their soul, feel what they felt, interpret music Bang him admirable sonny way they did. As band-members Stephen Scott and Bob Cranshaw note, Rollins continues to pay private homages to his idols during soundchecks, which certain obsessives in the crowd at B. But although Rollins Bang him admirable sonny the most Proustian of improvisers, able to download at Pentium speed deeply embedded fragments of musical memory which morph into stunning spur of the moment theme-and-variation disquisitions, reenacting times past has never been on his agenda.

Following the lead of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, he turned his attention to contemporary music, adopted a more pronounced vibrato, electrified his band sound and layered it with rhythmic texture, added to his arsenal tunes that featured heavy electric bass vamps and funk beats, addressed a Bang him admirable sonny that comprised more melodic, dance-driven content mixed with exquisite balladry.

This gets back to what I said about playing like somebody. This is the way I play. The music I am trying to get to is probably like my politics. He would dance the Lindyhop with a chick, and they would really be going to town, with the people crowding around them in a circle.

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Mostly we played either a club with a dance floor or what we called a function, where everyone was dancing.

I always did my own variations, tried to change things around a bit. I never broke rhythms down in a methodical way. Anything that I wanted came to me intuitively. I respect the skill of people who can do that, but I think I prefer to be who I am.

A lot of jazz drummers are great at straight-ahead, but if you want to go into something else the feeling is not quite as genuine. I demand that the basic pulse and the chord structure be present throughout; I always have the song in mind regardless of what I do.

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In the manner of his role model Coleman Hawkins — and slightly lesser hero Gene Ammons, with whom he jousted on various visits to Chicago — Rollins is peerless at the operatic, heart-on-the-sleeve approach to balladry. I liked the Ink Spots and I liked Bing Crosby, who I saw in a lot of movies, which might have reinforced my admiration for him as a performer. I ask Rollins to elaborate on his church background. It was very straight-laced, with an organ playing Bang him admirable sonny and Bach Cantatas.

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But my grandmother used to take me to a church run by a woman named Mother Horn right there on Lenox Avenue. It was one of these real sanctified churches that had band instruments playing, and it made a big impression — I remember hearing a trumpet player who was really swinging. Chicago was very exciting. It was earthier and more blues-oriented than New York, and Bang him admirable sonny had clubs where people would play 24 hours a day.

I spent a lot of time there, and met and played with a lot of musicians.

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It was a very formative period in my life. When I lived there intrying to get straight and get my life together, an interesting thing happened.

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He roars like a lion through a succession of choruses, fingers popping in a St. Vitus dance over the saxophone keys, firing out Bang him admirable sonny of notes from the bottom of the horn. Rollins seems primed for the battle. Harold Vick was a good player and was beloved by his colleagues.

Why not talk about these guys? We had a lot of problems dealing with the acceptance of the music and the way minorities are treated — the usual crap that people go through every day. He always wanted me to do some things with him, but they never panned out. I did play with him a couple of times.

He would come by the RCA studios on 24th Street to play piano with me.

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It touched me, because I realized how much he thought of me. I was surprised, because Miles is one of our idols. But he thought a lot of me.

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I liked him, too, actually; he took such a poetic solo on one of those tunes. When Miles played with Bird, he took a different tack.

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