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A2 hanover

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The highway was planned between September and December by the construction departments of the company Reichsautobahn in Dusseldorf, Hanover and Merseburg. As a connection of the Rhine-Ruhr region, the highway was deliberately planned in the northern area of the Ruhr area, since the mining migrated to the north and at the same A2 hanover wanted to avoid the mountain subsidence areas.

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In the area Ostwestfalen one followed the settlement priorities. In the area of Hanover, it was natural to pass the motorway via a short route south of the city. As Hanover was at A2 hanover time one of the hubs of German air traffic and the airport was in the north of the city, it was decided, however, for a northern bypass of the city.

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In addition, there was a freight yard in the north, an industrial area was planned and the soil conditions were better. Between Berlin and Hanover there were A2 hanover possible variants, which were examined. The northern one was supposed to lead over Stendal and to the north to the Berliner Ring. However, the disadvantage was that the A2 hanover area was sparsely populated and already the railroad was the main carrier. The middle variant touched Genthin and Brandenburg on the Havel and aimed at the center of Berlin.

Again, the area was sparsely populated and already developed by the railway. Another difficulty was that there were numerous lakes and bogs, which would have made construction difficult.

A2 hanover southern variant, which was finally built, led through the most densely populated area and opened the possibility of an extension to Wroclaw or Frankfurt Oder and Warsaw. It was planned to build two 3.

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