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Giving the boss a raise rican style

Gay Pron Pictures Giving the boss a raise rican style.

As a non-Hispanic employer or manager, you may be wondering how cultural differences might affect your work environment when you bring Latino employees into your organization. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Hispanic culture, you will be able to better understand and interact with Hispanic staff members, creating a more inclusive and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Indulge me for a moment and let me share my first-hand experience as a bilingual Latino professional.

In Guatemala, every workday would begin by doing the rounds at the office: On my first day at workintroductions were pretty normal… lots of handshakes and smiles. The following day was when the culture shock began. I walked in and, as I was used to doing, attempted to greet the office receptionist with a peck on the cheek.

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She swiftly evaded me with a move worthy of Emmett Smith on roller blades. I walked further down the hall and greeted my fellow staff members individually. As I was getting settled at my desk, my new boss came into my office.

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I immediately stood up, walked towards him, and gave him a firm and effusive handshake. My jaw dropped two feet after hearing what came out of his mouth at that moment: But the feeling quickly faded, and I found that I missed that type of connection. I wanted to be more than a co-worker; I wanted to be seen as a real person with a life outside the office, not someone who vanished after 5 p.

While I am aware that this is not the reality in every U. Now that you are more familiar with the Hispanic culture, what can you do to relate to your Latino staff and promote an inclusive workplace? I hope that these insights I have shared will help you better relate to your Hispanic employees.

Just remember that these are generalizations ; the term Latino or Hispanic refers to a very diverse group of individuals.

Each person will be influenced by their country of ancestry, country of birth, language of preference, region where they live, years in the U. As a rule of thumb, the further away your Hispanic employees are from their ancestors that migrated to the United States, the less noticeable these characteristics will be.

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I agree with you. Yes, working in a friendly, close to familiar environment makes us get the best out of us for work and for interaction with others. I think your article is good nurishment for those who want to become strong at creating a beter and productive environment at their companies or at their place of work with latinos.

A memo to one's boss...

Thank you and congratulations for writing about such an important and realistic issue. I have to learn the hard way, so I have a different approach: I just a worker at my job, unfortunately, there is no time to be forging relationships. I love my culture and I always say that I am not a teacher at work, trying to educate people in my culture.

I go to work expecting nothing and I am always satisfied. Just do your work and treat everyone like you like to be treated, but for friends and truly rewarding relationships go to your family or other members of your culture.

That is my advice. It has work wonders for me. As an employer of 2 Latinos, who are also my brother-in-law and his wife, I have quite a few issues that create problems in our work environment. I have trained my in-laws to perform their responsibilities as we are directed by US and State governmental standards and requirements, but…but…they still want to do many things their own way, from the old country.

Ten years of discord, un intended insults constructive criticism, one on onehas made my life Giving the boss a raise rican style.

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This work relationship has ruined my marriage, and affects my entire family negatively. Getting up to speed with required Internet based training creates battles all around. Every change to the way they do things creates traumatic results, but these traumatic results are always exhibited through undercurrents.

I am sick of these undercurrents that is breaking apart a lifetime of accomplishments my husband and I have worked hard for, including our eroding relationship.

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But almost everyday, 1 to 4 computers would get damaged by them. You should be more conscientious because I could say that American people spend money on cigarettes, alcohol and DRUGS, but it does not mean that all the American people do it. Please have a little respect. I work with Hispanics and most at my place of employment are not good rule followers and are inconsiderate of other workers. It is sad to see how many of you generalized Hispanics base on one or five Hispanics you have met during your life at work.

I had encounter so many Americans where before knowing a Hispanic they had already made their own negative judgement about that person.

I had seen managers no providing good but always bad feedbacks to Hispanics, I had seen managers not providing valuable information to Hispanics for them to do Giving the boss a raise rican style job well. I had seen managers covering for people that are from their own same-race identification, nationality or just because they are friends. I also had seen that most of the Hispanics are the first one to lose their job when there is a workforce reduction.

Some Americans had set their minds on how the environment at work should be, the same-race identification is more important than the productivity they are trying to achieve. I know that if you teach well, give opportunities to the people that want to grow and if they know you have their back, they will be more productive.

We are not baits or the failure of your projects.

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I know you can find good Hispanics and Americans or people that are from another countries that will love to do the job. Sometimes we ignore the big picture, most of the time we ignore the people that are making you look good as a manager or the people that are going to make a big contribution to your company.

Most of the time this people are the minority and are afraid to talk.

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Also sometimes the people the works the most are overlooked. Talk to your workers, especially the minorities groups Hispanics, African Americans, Native Indians, Aged workers vs young workers, People from other countries, single-parents etc.

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