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Latin pair hammering

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In older texts like " A Key to Joyce's Arithmetic Latin pair hammeringthe plural form for the word pair is pairbut the tendency, these days, is to use the form pairs to mark plurality. That is, a native English speaker, back in the early 19th century, would say 20 pair of shoesas opposed to today's 20 pairs of shoes.

But still, both forms are correct, even though the former is quite archaic. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Where we once sent love letters in a sealed envelope, Latin pair hammering stuck photographs of our children in a family album, now such private material is despatched to servers and clouds operated by people we don't know and will never meet. Perhaps we assume that our name, address and search preferences will be viewed by some unseen pair of corporate eyes, probably not human, and don't mind that much.

I couldn't decide which of the pair of designer shirts I preferred, so I bought the pair. Spouses should make a great pair. A pair is harder to drive than two mounts with separate riders.