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Photo by Clayton Perry Flickr. Pride is less than two months away, and the Vancouver Pride Society is getting set to welcome locals and visitors alike to celebrate! Leading up to the first weekend of AugustVancouver will be aglow with Pride as hotels fill up, party ticket sales are in overdrive, smart coiffures de rigueur and fabulous outfits galore parade the catwalk on Davie Street.

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When Pride season hits Pride 2 kb full movie scene and the glitziest party lineup of the year is about to kick off, you can feel the energy take over the city. Davie Street Party Photo courtesy of Gayvan. On Friday August 4th, with the Jim Deva Plaza freshly scrubbed, and the rainbow crosswalks and rainbow banners in Davie Village shining brightly, restaurants and bar patios will be fully-stocked and local residents and merchants alike will be preparing to close the streets to celebrate the start to Pride weekend, with the dazzling Davie Street Party.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourselves, and what are your roles with the Vancouver Pride Society? I first moved to BC when I was two years old, and am originally from Ontario. I also lived in Papua New Guinea from ages ten to seventeen, which has influenced my work Pride 2 kb full movie scene diversity and inclusion. I have been in Vancouver since Novemberand am originally from Brisbane Australia. My background is primarily in major events in northern Europe and Asia Pacific, and started with the Vancouver Pride Society about two weeks before Andrea in My title is co-executive director of events, and my responsibilities include managing the event side of things, including volunteers, and I oversee a team who are involved in planning our events.

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My role primarily focuses on the budget and governance, including record keeping, bookkeeping, media partnerships, and corporate partnerships. Can you give us a sense of when the planning for each Pride 2 kb full movie scene begins and what are first steps? Yes, planning starts immediately after Pride Week. We give ourselves the Monday after Pride off, which is the holiday, and then we bring all of our staff in for the next two weeks, to distribute surveys, and check in with all of our partners, suppliers, participants and performers, about their experiences.

We also gather all of the data and feedback collected, which helps our planning process and begin our permit process and decisions on events for the following year, in the fall.

Yes, we start right away and within one or two weeks are already planning for next year, and looking for new partners as well.

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Glenn, who works in partnerships, refers to August as harvest season. What kind of official preparations need to be made; for example, with the city, police, the parks board, Pride 2 kb full movie scene We work closely with the City of Vancouver, obviously, and we have civic status, which helps us with our policing, sanitation, traffic costs, and things like that.

We also work with the liquor board, with the special events office, and the parks board, as our events are spread out throughout the city, so it is a very complex permitting process that we go through.

It takes a large number of partners to pull this off.

Can you give us an idea of the kind of partners that participate? We have our core partners, our presenting partners such as TD, and a whole host of other partners such as Fido, Microsoft, and other big name corporate partners.

We then have a community partners portfolio, and partners we support through resources and financial assistance, and then we have government partners, such as federal funding, provincial funding, and the City of Vancouver.

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We have the size to attract that level of partnerships, so can then use that to redistribute back to smaller community partners. We also have a number of media partners, TV, radio, print and digital, across a number of formats.

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