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Their collision explodes with excitement

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A similar explosion was expected to occur inbut the unprecedented prediction recently fell through.

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Good science is mostly about meticulously testing informed predictions. And, sadly, these predictions often fall flat.

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This is exactly what just happened with one of the most anticipated astronomical events of the upcoming decade: Five years Their collision explodes with excitement, Calvin College astronomy professor Larry Molnar and his team began analyzing a pair of tightly bound stars — known as KIC — located just 1, light-years away in the constellation Cygnus the Swan.

The researchers then bolstered their own observations with archival data fromas well as data collected between and The stars are already tangled up in a complicated dance that will inevitably end with their merger and ensuing explosion in But this one does fly, and I think they have a good point.

This illustrates how science can be self-correcting.

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After obtaining previously unpublished data captured inthe researchers discovered a curious discrepancy between when the two stars were expected to eclipse each other, and when they actually did. This led Socia to dig a little deeper. When they turned their attention to meticulously analyzing the paper that described the data, they discovered a typo.

The paper had incorrectly transcribed the time of an observed eclipse by precisely 12 hours. He then matched this slowing orbital period with models of previously seen mergers, finding that the slowing orbit falls in line with what would be expected from a pair of touching stars preparing to put on a show.

So there you have it.

Much to the chagrin of you, me, and professional astronomers from around the world, the heavily anticipated merger of two stars in will not occur.

And so the search for an impending stellar merger continues.


This post originally appeared on Astronomy. An ever-hungry God rich with never-delivered promises and forever-building cathedrals beats any guy making shoes that fit.

Betelgeuse or Sirius B hopefully. By Jake Parks September 7, 2: Not even a guess or estimation of when the merger does happen.